Nasmedia Report Highlights Current Trends in Korean Mobile Games Market

POSTED BY nasmedia / 08 Jun 2015 / Press Release

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Nasmedia Report Highlights Current Trends in Korean Mobile Games Market


SEOUL, South Korea--()--Nasmedia (KOSDAQ:089600), the biggest digital media marketing agency in South Korea, has announced the 4 key trends of Korean mobile games market in its recent report ‘Analysis of Korean Mobile Games Market.’


Korea, Google Play’s top 3rd grossing country, is one of the most attractive mobile games markets.

“As Korean mobile game market has entered its mature stage, the competition has become tougher making the situation much harder for new titles to crack the market,” said Byung-jo Kim, mobile department director of Nasmedia. “Under such circumstances, the developers must take a holistic consideration of the whole life cycle of the game - from planning, pre-registration, rank boost, IMC marketing to retention. Also a marketing strategy that not only acquires users but also converts and retains loyal users is now critical.”

The report addresses current trends in Korean mobile games market. Key findings include:

Diversification of Game platforms beyond KaKaoGame

  • Once, ‘KaKaoGame’ was the surefire way to success. However, ‘Clash of Clans’ initiated the trending that games can succeed without going ‘for KaKao’.
  • Following CoC, Naver games and Netmarble’s ‘Raven with Naver’ recorded another huge hit.
  • As a countermeasure, KaKao teamed up with Nexon and launched ‘Top of Tanker for Kakao’, and is continuing their efforts to take back the upper hand in the market.

Focus on TV commercial with a distinguished creative

  • According to an analysis on mobile games TV commercial budget, the figure in March 2015 reached $24 million, 15 times higher than 2014.
  • TV is saturated with mobile game ads, so the advertisers are now focusing on the creative to make their ad stand out – celebrity endorsement, large scale creative production, etc.


  • Pre-registration has now become a crucial part of an overall marketing strategy. The main cause for pre-registration’s popularity is its ability to bring in higher actual user CVR compared to CPI campaigns.
  • According to the analysis into LTV of users from different UA channel, average ARPU marked at $1.19 but ARPU of users acquired via pre-registration recorded $3.04.

Success of IP utilization

  • Recently, developers have started to employ famous IPs for their games. MU Origin and Hearthstone are based on popular online game IPs whereas Marvel Future Fight is based on the ‘Avengers’ franchise.
  • Games based on familiar IPs showed overall good performance in UA and download.

The complete 2015 ‘Analysis of Korean Mobile Games Market’ report can be found at:

About the report

Nasmedia Report 'Analysis of Korean Mobile Games Market' covers crucial points and insights on how to successfully launch games in Korea. It describes the overall status of Korean mobile games market by analyzing the market scale, characteristics of Korean mobile gamers and various interesting marketing case studies. Furthermore, it discusses the hottest marketing trends and other useful tips for launching game in Korean market.