• Mobile Game Marketing Landscape 2018

    POSTED BY nasmedia / 04 May 2018 / Insights

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    In 2017, We experienced big change of mobile marketing trend in Korea. So we analysis the result of 2017 Korea mobile game marketing trends and outlook mega trend for 2018   [Index]   I. 2017 Mobile Games Market Evaluation  1 - Market Scale  2 - Annual Download Volume & Revenue  3 - User Analysis per Gender / Age  4 - Key Issues   II. 2018 Mobile Games Market Outlook   III. 2017 Mobile Games Marketing Evaluation  1 - Changes in Advertising Budget  2 - Media Trend  3 - Growth of Pre-registration  4 - Growth of Digital Video AD Industry   IV. Key Media Trend and Issues   V. Appendix    
  • [Global Trend] Q3 2016 US Video Campaign

    POSTED BY nasmedia / 19 Dec 2016 / Insights

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    Based on video campaigns in Q3 2016, Videology analyzed video campaign trend such as targeting, campaign objectives, campaigns by device and AD duration.
  • The Summary of "The Future of Digital Influence in Retail"

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    According to 'The new digital divide – The future of digital influence in retail' published by Deloitte University Press, digital influence occurs throughout the entire consumer experience and especially, mobile influence on in-store purchase is continuo
  • Facebook & Instagram Updates_201609

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    Recently, Facebook changed their ad system and algorithm, and Instagram exceeded 1 billion downloads and established a new 'Story' feature.
  • The summary of 'The Future of Digital Video'

    POSTED BY nasmedia / 24 Aug 2016 / Insights

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    According to 'The Future of Digital Video' published by Trusted Media Brands, budget for digital video ads is increasing. Especially, Youtube and Facebook regarded as the most influential platforms for digital video campaign.
  • Continuous growth of internet ads in the first half of 2016

    POSTED BY nasmedia / 17 Aug 2016 / Insights

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    According to Innocean Worldwide, volume of the advertising market in Korea in the first half of 2016 reached 4.8 trillion KRW(4.3 billion USD), which is 3% higher than the first half of 2015.
  • Fast-growing Korean direct global sales market

    POSTED BY nasmedia / 10 Aug 2016 / Insights

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    Cases of the global consumers purchasing Korean goods directly through Korean online stores are on a rapid increase.
  • 2016 NPR(Netizen Profile Report) Summary Report - Part 1. Mobile Game User Behavior

    POSTED BY nasmedia / 26 Jul 2016 / Insights

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    Our report <2016> investigates the general public's internet media usage, reaction to online ads, etc. based on the data collected via internet user survey. The summary report covers a part of mobile game user behavior.
  • US Mobile Messenger Usage Trend

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    Facebook Messenger is predicted to reign supreme until 2020. Here is the infographic of US messenger usage trend.
  • 2016 Digital Marketing Trend from the Global Marketer's view

    POSTED BY nasmedia / 24 May 2016 / Insights

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    This material is a summarized and reworked material based on ‘Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2016 Digital Trends’ by Econsultancy.